Hanson Survey & Design provides innovative solutions for detecting, preventing and controlling corrosion on many types of buried steel structures including but not limited to: underground pipelines, above and underground storage tanks, and water tanks. In addition, Hanson Survey & Design also supplies a full range of cathodic protection materials, instrumentation and software at competitive levels.

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Close Interval Surveys
In many cases, areas of probable rupture with underground pipelines have been identified by continuous pipe-to-soil potential profiles. This method of testing and evaluation forms an integral part of many Hanson Survey & Design corrosion control programs for transmission pipelines.

Cathodic protection monitoring and location of pipeline anomalies are results of continuous potential measurement and recording. The survey technique detects localized, active corrosion due to a variety of causes. Areas which do not comply with the pipe-to-soil potential criteria for full cathodic protection are also identified.

The use of microcomputer systems for data collection and processing allows for accurate measurement and new methods of analyses, which were not previously practical.

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GPS Surveys and Mapping
Hanson Survey & Design has successfully integrated data collection software and hardware to collect real time differential sub-meter accuracy GPS data (x, y, z coordinates) simultaneously with close interval survey data.
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Corrosion Control & Technical Services
Hanson Survey & Design is involved with the monitoring, and troubleshooting of cathodic protection systems on a daily basis. Typically, these structures include below grade storage tanks, buried pipelines, storage tanks and an extensive variety of other buried facilities.
The following sections briefly describe the project experience and capabilities of Hanson Survey & Design.

Close Interval Surveys
Underground Coating Evaluation Surveys
GPS Surveys
Rectifier Inspections
Bond Measurements
Annual Potential Surveys
Electrical Isolation Tests
Casing Tests
AC and DC Interference Testing
AGM Survey, Locations, and Placement for Intelligent Pigging Inspections

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Technical Services & Construction
Cathodic Protection Design
CP Installations
Induced AC Mitigation Systems

Data Management
Exception Reporting
Database Compatibility and Conversion